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Infrastructure Performance Management

About the Project

Smart (cyber-physical) infrastructures are data-generating assets with a capacity to enable operational efficiencies, reduce cost of financing by improving financial liquidity and transparency, and unlock new cash flows. Keeping track of this information will require blockchain systems.

While blockchain is typically associated with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, an emerging application is the use for disclosure transparency applications for infrastructure.

New UK and EU regulations require institutional investors to disclose the ESG and climate impacts from their investors.

A recent report showed that banks hold loan book liabilities of climate impacts that are 700x the contributions of the banks themselves.

In collaboration with Ripple’s UBRI program and Blockchain Triangle, we are exploring new software platform that allow for disclosure and transparency of ESG/climate data on a blockchain. The transparent disclosure allows for ratings agencies, asset owners and investors to have access to the same data and adjust real time valuation and risk pricing based on operational performance data. At the same time, the insights from operational data can be used to unlock new cash flows as discussed in other projects.


Resources from Blockchain Triangle