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Digital Financing of Public Infrastructure

About the Project

The emergence of connected infrastructures requires understanding of financial network maps across the ecosystem of enterprises engaged in renewal. Multi-asset financial models (MARFs) are required.

The way we have come to think about infrastructure in the context of the recent actions in Congress is the difference between traditional (road, bridges, broadband, water, etc) and social (child care, education, etc) systems.

The traditional assets, in turn, are increasingly seen as being interconnected, particularly as we move in a more digital (or data-driven) direction.

Rather than verticals in housing, water, energy and transportation, performance data which increasingly drive financing are cross cutting: roads affect stormwater management, transportation affects housing and energy intersects with both.

In collaboration with WSP Digital Solutions, Blockchain Triangle, InfraClear, the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank and the US Treasury Office of Technical Assistance we are working on new financing and business models, as well as thought leadership, to finance interconnected infrastructure assets. Asset-backed securities, variable interest rate performance bonds, tokenized bonds and loans are starting to become integrated in the new era of financial technology to build resilient infrastructure.


Financial Technology for Industrial Renewal