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Business and Financing Models for Connected Vehicle Integration

About the Project

The scaled deployment of connected vehicles will require new business (revenue) and financing models under innovative data-driven P3 contracts that leverage public infrastructure assets.

Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) purport to broadly engage with roadside infrastructure and each other while delivering benefits for the driver and society.

The argument that car 'data' enable more seamless driving, reduced carbon emissions, while potentially allowing for payments in an 'infrastructure as a service' environment, calls for new financing and business models for car makers and the IT ecosystem.

In collaboration with Ford and Integrated Roadways, we are developing new cash flow and financing models for CAV in a ‘three-legged industrial ecosystem’ comprised of car markers, IT and telecommunications industry. An industry that makes a device (car) with connective capabilities, inherently incurs costs from engaging with the other major players (IT and Telco).

Building the cash flows and returns on these new models is key to changing how car companies operate and derive revenue.